Ordering Information

We offer three (3) easy options to place your order:

Order Online:

All Payments are Processed through PayPal, Even if you DO NOT have an PayPal Account Click on PayPal option to continue your payment there it will give you the Credit/ Debit option 

Follow our simple ordering process. Browse our full range of products and add items to your shopping cart. If the item you are purchasing is personalized, you will be asked to enter the personalized information when adding to cart. When you have finished browsing, follow the simple checkout process. Ordering online is convenient and secure.All processed through PayPal please select debit card option 

Order by Phone:

If you'd like to place your order over the phone, call us Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm - Central Standard Time. If we're on the phone or if it's after hours, please leave a message/ text and we'll call you back within 24 hours. (888) 268-1907

Order by Email:

You can also email your order to us at orders at cindybks4@gmail.com. Please specify what product(s) you are ordering and where you would like your product to be shipped Be sure to include your phone number along with your name, address, and order description.